The Beauty of Djembe Drums

If you want to buy a Djembe drum but don’t know where to start looking for one, then you’ve come to the right place. This is an article that will help you get started when looking for and buying a Djembe drum. So read on and be enlightened.

What are Djembre drums?

Djembre drums originally came from West Africa. These drums look like big chalices; they have a slim base that gradually widens or broadens to the top or the drum head. These are drums that are used for different kinds of ceremonies, rituals and spiritual gatherings. They are considered sacred in different parts of Africa so they should be regarded with respect.

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A simple Djembe drum is more or less 2 feet in height and the diameter of the drumhead is around 1 foot. Although these are the basic measurements, Djembe drums can also come in various sizes and dimensions.

Furthermore, Djembe drums have a special interior design and carving that adds to the uniqueness of the sound they make. In particular, the interior walls are not smooth but are patterned, and these patterns create distinctive nuances in the drums’ sound.

The Djembe drums can be made of various materials. However, African hardwood is the commonly used material. Other Djembe drums are made of Siam oak, just like the Djembes found outside Africa. There are also the modern drums which are made of Acousticon.

Traditional Djembe drums have a drum head covered with goat skin. Of course, there are some Djembes with synthetic or substitute skins, but the African goatskin is still considered to be the best.

What are the qualities to look out for when buying a Djembe drum?

Djembe drums timbre and pitch can be adjusted by tightening or loosening up their ropes. However, the size and shape of the drum itself affects the resonant tones it can make. The sound that a small Djembe drum makes varies from the sound that a big drum makes.

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Another important quality that you should look for is the hardness of the wood. Djembes made of softer woods are considered to be of inferior or lower quality since they make a less impressive sound. The hardness of the wood helps enhance sound resonance and quality.

When buying a Djembe drum, check out your nearest music store if they have any authentic Djembe drums or if they can refer you to a store which sells exotic musical instruments. Better yet, we wholesale Bali made djembe drums since 1996, please order on African Djembe drums online.

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