In early 1960, the United States of America had undergone major youth revolution terming to be hippy movement. In this movement lot of Americans addicted to join and culminated of different regions of the world. This hippy movement brought out change in dress code and style of life. There were many followers in USA and to some parts of the globe. The change in culture and dress code made other people disgusting.

< CLOTHING PATTERN During the period of 1960, the people could witness and dramatic change in dress style. The teenagers could able to expose their different style and patterns by wearing dark colored fabrics, long flared skirts, bell bottom pants, tie and dye garments and peasant styles tops. Apart from the clothing the youngsters started enjoying the rock music with flair. A normal hippy took like wearing American jewelry, colorful headscarves, headbands, long beaded necklaces, pants with patterns and designs. Skirts were popular in hippy culture dressing. The skirts had bright colors and patterns with long and shorter ones. The three tiers of skirt pictures the presence of floral markings, designs and patterns. Apart from dressing, the accessories also took complete revolution. The usage of bag with cotton made product become more popular. The color shades of the bag were mostly brown, red, plum and earthy tones. Ladies wearing long type of sleeves, hooded dresses and usage of prominent dark colors were predominant during hippy culture in USA. If you want to imagine and follow the dress code of hippy, then you can use the below information for better understanding. Hippy normally wears hip tight bell bottom jeans with broad belts. He also use halter tops. The ladies choose short micro minis by wearing different ornaments and chains. The men’s grew beards and long hair for their hippy look. Mostly they wear leather kind of vests; some tend to use ankle bells. Several of them wear leather sandals. The ladies always prefer wearing patched skirts. The garments are of tie and dye kind. In order to impress others they always wear colorful headbands with mesmerizing flower. Apart from several accessories peace symbol locket is considered to be the permanent features of hippy. The hippies not only readdress the world culture by following their own style of living. They brought out some demerits by making other to use drugs. Many of the followers of hippies have lost life due to usage of narcotics and drugs. The neo hippies were considered to be good and considered genuine people with no bad characters. They don’t use drugs also. The world during 1960 experienced enormous change in culture and dressing pattern due to hippies. They brought about merits and demerits yet finally one has to consider only the merits leaving out the demerit characters of hippies.

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