Sarong – The Enchanting Cloth

If a person is running out of style, then she could use a sarong and turn it into several different styles. She could use it for several days before running out of styles to wear. A sarong could be used as a gown, a skirt, a shrug, beach wrap, shawl, dress, minidress, an apron, and even a baby carrier, all depending on the user’s choice. All she would need is her imagination, and those different styles will be hers.

What is it about this piece of fabric that endears it to the hearts of females around the world? Why is it considered a must-have all year round?

A Cloth of All Trades

A sarong is a piece of long cloth that is usually tie dyed. Popular in Asia and on many Pacific islands, it has a lot of convoluted patterns and colors that the people are given many choices as to which one to select. Some have fringed hems while others are plain. Yet rest assured, the quality of sarongs never falters. It is always soft and very easy to use.

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The upper hem is sewed to the other side, forming a tube. The wearer is supposed to step inside that tube, lower the fabric to her waist and fashion it to her wishes. To tie a sarong, simply grab a loose end and form a knot, closing the opening. If there are no ties, then use a pin to flatter and secure the sarong into place.

Benefits of Wearing a Sarong

A sarong is easy to wear and is applicable to almost all occasions. One could use it on the beach or fashion it to serve as a tablecloth. Others could use it as a wall hanging to serve as an cloth decoration and beautify the house. On a night out, a lady could tie it as a dress and accent the outfit with jewelries.

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Especially in Asian cultures, wearing of sarongs indoors is to be expected. The sarong allows the wearer a lot of room for movement and doesn’t complicate her activities. Also, it is very useful for dancing since the sarong doesn’t limit a dancer’s arms or legs for that matter.

When out on the beach, one could use it as a beach towel to lie on or to dry herself with. In the house, sarongs could also be used as house dresses. Entertaining visitors doesn’t need to be embarrassing! By wearing a sarong, a housewife is sure to steal the limelight even from immaculately dressed guests.

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