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Matt Hughes Death Was Suicide! 2

Here are some tell tale signs of people who are contemplating suicide. This information might help someone you know. They get withdrawn or if they talk to you, they would casually joke about dying or suicide. But generally, they push friends and love ones away and seclude themselves. And if you would talk to someone with suicidal tendencies, they don’t want help. They tend to show severe anxiety and agitation. We all hope that Matt Hughes family detected some signs to prevent this accident. No report was ever made as to the reasons why he committed suicide. But, a friend of his said that Matt Hughes was having some family problems that he was taking to the grave.

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Lil Wayne Out from Jail 2

Actually, I feel sad about Lil Wayne. He seemed like a nice man. But the circumstances surrounding his arrests were outstanding, erasing all doubts about him. Lil Wayne was arrested for so many reasons I can hardly catch up. Eventually, Lil Wayne was charged with four counts of felonies: possession of drugs for sale, possession of dangerous drugs, misconduct involving weapons, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

I was never a fan but, the way kids follow him makes Lil Wayne my business. I mean, if fans are interested in what Lil Wayne had to say while he was in prison, he could also move them to good things done. I believe that he can do good things if he put his mind to it. I hope he thinks about visiting schools telling kids that drugs are bad, to follow rules, stay in school. Things like that.

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Matt Hughes Death Was Suicide! 1

Matt Hughes. Who would have thought that he would decide to take his own life?

Earlier this year at the time of his death, Discovery Channel claimed that Matt Hughes died of an accident at home. Not among his fans suspected that he committed suicide. And ofcourse we understand the reason why the family would keep Matt Hughes cause of death from being publicized. It’s a family matter. It was personal to them.

However, TMZ confirmed reports that Matt Hughes indeed died from suicide. That on May 14 2010, police responded to a suicide call from the Hughes’ home. Matt Hughes died almost two weeks later.

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Lil Wayne Out from Jail 1

Lil Wayne stepped out of New York City’s Rikers Island which was his home for eight months. That’s right, Lil Wayne is out of jail and his fans cannot be happier. Though he wasn’t exactly on a holiday, Lil Wayne seems to look okay. Even dining and wining as we speak.

Best selling, award winning Lil Wayne who seems to have everything including a criminal record is out ready and planning to work at once. Well, that is ofcourse after a reunion with family and friends –not drinking purple drank, chipping on cocaine and being clouded in smoke –before inking another record deal.

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Facebook Cartoon Profile Pics: A blast from the Past 2

“From 16th to 20th November, we shall change our profile picture to our favourite cartoon characters. The purpose of this game is to remove all photos of humans for a few days from Facebook.”

This Facebook cartoon profile pic change was originally Greek but the original author is yet untraceable. But no matter, it was indeed fun and a well worth trip to the past. Facebook cartoon is a successful Internet meme.

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Bowl Games 2010: Let the Games Begin 2

New Year’s Day game Oklahoma Sooners Big Twelve Champions battle Connecticut Huskies. One totally lopsided game fans will be willing to look forward to is No 4 and 13 Stanford and Virginia Tech, respectively.

No 6 Ohio State Buckeyes and Arkansas Razorback who currently ranks 8th battle on January 4, 2010 in this season’s All State Sugar Bowl. Experts say that the Arkansas Razorback has more chances of winning and have total advantage but the Ohio State Buckeyes’ passing defense is too much to ignore.

The Iowa Hawkeyes will fight face to face with the Missouri Tigers on December 28 for the Insight Bowl Games.

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Cartoon Profile Pics: A blast from the Past 1

Recent Facebook craze encourage users to use Facebook cartoon profile pictures. Facebook has been flooded with profile pictures of cartoon characters from the past. Even popular celebrities changed their profile pictures to Facebook Cartoon pics! Check out some of these celebs and what they have to say about their Facebook cartoon profile pictures. So, have you changed to Facebook cartoon profile pictures just yet?

This change in your profile pictures to a cartoon image from one’s childhood states that until December 7, users are to put up a Facebook cartoon profile picture. The note further explains that this is to put up against violence on children.

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Bowl Games 2010: Let the Games Begin 1

Christmas season is not the only this people get busy with. Of course there is college bowl games. Oregon Ducks and Auburn Tigers has grabbed the place of the BSC and 35 bowl games in all.

The bowl games kick off on December 18, 2011, BYU will have match up with UTEP. The bowl games terminate with BCS Championship between Oregon and Auburn happening at Glendale, Arizona on January 20, 2011.

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Preserving the Galapagos Island 1

On the other hand, while everyone is catering to the endangered at Galapagos Island, no one is doing anything for its most important inhabitant – men. There is no tap water, some areas do not have sewage systems and slowly waste water is contaminating the water reserve and the garbage disposed by both locals and tourist is piling up.

It is okay to take care of our environment, God commanded us to do just that. But in doing so, let us not forget that we are also tasked to take care of our brothers. Let the lessons at Galapagos Island be learned by everyone, especially the conservationists.

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Chicago Hit by Summer Storm 2

Like down power lines at Des Plaines, Illinois. Initially only causing traffic as tall power poles snapped off. However, Chicago news says that Des Plaines turned out to be the most hit of the storm and 28 poles were knocked out. As of this writing, many are said to still have no electricity in the area. Chicago news says that the Friday storm was one of the worst in the area and it will take time to bring back everyone with electricity. More than 350 crews were deployed to fix and mend the damages.

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