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USA Redemption at the World Cup 2

Sorry for the Algerians who, in contrast lack the spirit to pursue and bowed out of the tournament after the US-Algeria match. Well, it was one way or the other.

Anyway, there was so much drama at USA-Algeria match participated by the fans themselves wearing costumes and waiving colourful banners and who missed Bill Clinton biting his nails in the late second half of the USA-Algeria game?

The Americans were almost sent home marching until Landon Donovan scored the most important goal in his life. What we liked about this goal was that it was a sure thing, no need to subject for review to replay. A goal is a goal is a goal.

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American Dream Shattered at USA VS Ghana 2

The American hopes were a bit shattered in 5 minutes of the USA VS Ghana playtime when the latter scored its first goal. It was therefore understood why the Americans were a bit pushing it too hard during USA VS Ghana, the hurdles were set up high too early. The American had a slow start, goal coming only 57 minutes after the Ghana’s. That was the longest 57 minutes for any American. The American dream only looked drearier during the extra time of the USA VS Ghana match. And when Ghana finally goes through their very first quarter finals after the USA VS Ghana match, the US was inconsolable.

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USA Redemption at the World Cup 1

After two weeks of a roller-coaster ride came the USA redemption. I bet USA fans were in need to look for someone to hug in the dramatic 1-0 victory on the US-Algeria world cup match.

The US came out victorious in the recent USA-Algeria match at the World Cup. The USA-Algeria was the most anticipated game so far as a loss would surely mean elimination. This also proved to be the most emotional sporting event that unites our American brothers. With the good spirit now enveloping the team and the entire nation, I bet that good things are yet to come.

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Chicago Hit by Summer Storm 1

Just last Friday, Chicago radar forecasted an early summer heat over the coming week. But, this weekend the Chicago weather forecast began to change. A horrible storm hit Chicago leaving 5,000 homes without power, knocking out windows at the Chicago Willis Tower formerly known as Sears Tower and injuring one. Window glasses from the Chicago Willis Tower were on the sidewalk and according to another official, a tree has fallen on the city’s west side seriously injuring another. Two other buildings were seriously affected by the strong winds. Chicago news says winds over 80 Kilometres per hour were recorded as the storm passed into Chicago bringing heavy rains and frequent lightning strikes. The Chicago weather forecast suggested that there would be another strong to severe thunderstorms.

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– Washington Wizard Deal on Kirk Hinrich and Kevin Seraphin 2

Kevin Seraphin is only 20 years old and to say that Kevin Seraphin is still raw to the game of basketball is a true understatement. Kevin Seraphin’s mobility may have been into a decreasing trend due to his weight –probably baby fats, haha. Although he has a wide wingspan, he is not very quick and may lack timing. Kevin Seraphin shows a lot of promise but does potential always guarantee improved performance? Anyway, that’s what draft is all about, developing untapped potentials for the playoffs.

Kevin Seraphin was drafted by Chicago Bulls with 17th overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. On draft night, the rights to Kevin Seraphin went to Washington Wizards. Chicago Bulls sent their veteran guard Kirk Hinrich with Kevin Seraphin to Washington Wizards.

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American Dream Shattered at USA VS Ghana 1

And for now, the World Cup is over for the US. Not that it is the result that we are anticipating. Oh well, thanks for the disappointment –I guess both to the US (USA VS Ghana) and England (England VS Germany).

But if it’s worth anything, the Americans gave it a good fight at the field during the USA VS Ghana match in the Round of 16. I was expecting drama on the USA VS Ghana match. The reasons: US had commitment and belief that they were moving forward in the tournament and they made World Cup exciting sans or otherwise the almighty England (which eventually displayed an equally disappointing finish with Germany 1-4). Ghana on the other hand carries on their shoulders the African hope of drinking from the cup at the finals, to be hailed as among the best eight teams in the world notwithstanding.

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US World Cup Group C Mayhem 2

Maybe I am not being too optimistic since England has been displaying exceptionally awful games and somehow, the recent England Vs Algeria match could possibly be the worst. Not to mention a scoreless draw which has been angering fans for days now and counting? Yes, Steven Gerrard was in his usual effective self but other players may not be on their best positions. Let us also consider the widening gap between Rooney and Heskey. And do I have to add that sullen remark from Wayne Rooney to the fans?

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US World Cup Group C Mayhem 1

What do I know about bad calls and bad referees? None, I tell you. But the recent ho-ha at the US World Cup cannot help my mind to rest. I don’t even know if I needed to be ‘happy’ with Koman Coulibaly’s wrong call on Friday’s US World Cup games (we are calling it wrong call for now, unless FIFA reverse the decision) for USA-Slovenia. Maybe I should be happy since this writer is supporting England. Okay, so, they say that Koman Coulibaly robbed the US a sure advantage over the US World Cup. But because of that (UN) toward incident at the US World Cup Group C Qualifications, USA Team needs to beat Algeria on the 23 June US World Cup Schedule 2010. But, if the USA loses, it will mean a non-qualifier to the Round of 16 for the second most popular team on Group C of the US World Cup. So, the USA Team objective is to win at all cost and to annihilate the game. A win will tie the US scores with Slovenia.

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Al Gore-Laurie David: Baseless 2

Al Gore and Tipper have been very quiet as to the reason behind their split. This could very well be the cause for some wide and wild rationalizations about why their 40 year marriage cannot take the heat anymore. Let’s see, there are rumours that Al Gore is gay, that Tipper Gore is a crazy jealous wife, and now an Al Gore-Laurie David affair.

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