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Fame of Batik artistic works

china-batik1China Batik

Batik artistic works has reached to the highest level of fame in today’s world of fashion. This artistic work is now utilized in garments and various cloth materials. Some of the fame Batik works that hit the globe is Sashay in Sarongs or Caftans created from Batik. Many people create duplicate Batik works and get circulated in the local markets. In order to bring good rich quality Batik work one has to follow the Batik and Tie and Dye methods.


Many people have different hobbies. Some of them collect stamps, coins, peculiar articles, like key chain watches, etc; some are costly especially if they are very old like traditional clocks and watches. Collecting Musical Instrument is really a costly hobby. One should have their pocket full so that they can collect them easily. It is a difficult thing to collect unlike other small things, which can be got by either exchanging or investing small amounts. But collecting musical instruments is really very expensive. We can neither exchange nor get gift from others since it is costly. Some old age instruments are very expensive and found in traditional heritage shops.
Some of the unique instruments are Borneo, Sarawak, and the Sape etc. Sape is a guitar type with 3 or 5 strings. Basically the musical instruments can distinguished as three types of instruments. They are string type, based on wine, percussion.
String type instruments are mostly common.. They include the veena, guitar, bull bull thara, sitar, gopichand; Instruments like guitar are played by moving one hand in the string and at the same time playing the free end with the other hand. With an small piece;
In veena one hand presses the taut string at different places while giving beat at the far end which is free. Gopichand is a similar instrument played in Bengal. It is an instrument played by the street vendors.
Wind based instruments include flute, mouth organ, clarinet, Didgeridoo etc. The flute has holes in one end and the other far end has a hole through which air is blown. Clarinet is a similar type of instrument only thing is it kept straight where a flute is held horizontally. Didgeridoo is an instrument originated from Australians, where the aborigine tribal group played it.
The other types of instruments are harmonium, piano. These use a lot of keys in the key board. In harmonium air is blown into the instrument and the keys pressed to get the required sound. Piano is a similar instrument in which there are 5 to 6 notes available and each note denotes the pitch level.
Musical instruments are really gifts given to us by God. Music lovers can have a wide range of collection of instruments. These music lovers spend a lot in collecting musical instruments. It is very rare to find second hand instruments. Each one will be really costly. It is supposed to be one of the costliest hobbies. But still some music lovers don’t mind spending on the goods they feel like collecting. Very rarely second hand instruments are available .Sometimes after buying we have to spend from our pocket to get the instrument to play.

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