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Fashion Bali Crochet Tops

Crocheted bra top, handmade in Bali Indonesia, 100% cotton, adjustable tie in neck and back




crochet11acrochet11dcrochet11ecrochet11f crochet11g

crochet11h crochet11xc crochet11xd crochet11xj crochet11xl crochet11xm

crochet11xr crochet11xt crochet11ya crochet11yf crochet11yh crochet11yi

crochet11yn crochet11yp crochet12a crochet12ye



Sexy beachwear fishnet crochet top

Handmade in Bali Indonesia

One size fits all, will fits small to medium size women.

mixed colors randomly picked by our warehouse staffs

6 pieces for USD$40.50
(USD$6.75 per pieces)
12 pcs for USD$76.20
(USD$6.35 per piece)
24 pcs for USD$142.80
(USD$5.95 per piece)




crochetbikini1acrochetbikini1b crochetbikini1c crochetbikini1f crochetbikini1g

crochetbikini1h crochetbikini1i



Sexy fashion bikini set, randomly picked by our warehouse staffs

Only fits small size women

mixed 4 colors as shown

6 sets for USD$48
(USD$8 set)
12 sets for USD$87
(USD$7.25 set)
24 sets for USD$168
(USD$7 set)





crocheted-top-skirt-set50d crocheted-top-skirt-set50e crocheted-top-skirt-set50f crocheted-top-skirt-set50g crocheted-top-skirt-set50h crocheted-top-skirt-set50a crocheted-top-skirt-set50b
crocheted-top-skirt-set50n crocheted-top-skirt-set50m crocheted-top-skirt-set50i crocheted-top-skirt-set50j crocheted-top-skirt-set50k crocheted-top-skirt-set50l

Product Code: crocheted skirts only

Assortment of urban leisure wear crochet skirt. Assorted colors randomly picked by our warehouse staffs.

skirts only, the tops are not included

One size fits all.

6 pieces for US$33
(US$5.50 each)
12 pieces for US$60
(US$5 each)




orangle-top-or-skirt blue-top


Orange crochet tube top with colorful knit decor


Blue knit tank top with red and yellow colored pattern at top

6 pieces for US$24 ( US$4 per piece)
6 pieces for US$30 ( US$5 per piece)




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