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Product Code: sarong-halter-top-set

Assortment design of halter top and rayon sarong skirt set, made in bali. Our warehouse staffs will randomly picked the items for you. Over 15 designs/colors.

Sarong Size : 168x120 cm (66x 47 inches) to 170x120 cm (67x 47 inches)
top size: strenchy in front, adjustablely tied in the back
one size fits all


6 sets for USD$84
(USD$14 set)
12 sets for USD$156
(USD$13 set)
24 sets for USD$288
(USD$12 set)



sarong-kaftan-top-set-b sarong-kaftan-top-set-o sarong-kaftan-top-set-n sarong-kaftan-top-set-m sarongtopset-1bp
sarong-kaftan-top-set-d sarong-kaftan-top-set-e sarong-kaftan-top-set-f sarongtopset-1bxa


sarong-kaftan-top-set-g sarong-kaftan-top-set-h sarong-kaftan-top-set-i
longkaftan48dr4o longkaftan48dr4p


Product Code: sarong-kaftan-top-set

Assortment of Designer inspired beauty sarong wrap skirt and kaftan top set. Our warehouse staffs will randomly picked the items for you. Over 15 designs / colors.

Kraftan top size: H * W- 26 * 32 inches (one side), Sarong size: H * W- 63 * 43 inches

6 sets for USD$90
(USD$15 set)
12 sets for USD$168
(USD$14 set)
24 sets for USD$312
(USD$13 set)




mini-skirt-tube-top-set-8a mini-skirt-tube-top-set-8b mini-skirt-tube-top-set-8c mini-skirt-tube-top-set-8dmini-skirt-tube-top-set-8h

mini-skirt-tube-top-set-8e mini-skirt-tube-top-set-8f mini-skirt-tube-top-set-8g mini-skirt-tube-top-set-8i

Product Code: mini-skirt-tube-top-set

Over 40 assorted colors and designs, rayon mini skirt and tube top set, handmade in Bali Indonesia. Randomly choosed mixed designs and colors.

6 sets for USD$54
(USD$9 set)
12 sets for USD$102
(USD$8.5 set)
24 sets for USD$195.60
(USD$8.15 set)







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