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Product Code: tribal-musical-instruments-90.

Assortment of bali indonesian wood carved percussion instruments. Our warehouse staffs will randomly picked the items for you

Size range from 4 inches tall to 12 inches tall

6 pieces for USD$30
(USD$5 each)
12 pieces for USD$54
(USD$4.5 each)
48 pieces for USD$192
(USD$4 each)

















16 inches hand-painting tribal design bamboo rainstick

15.5 to 16 inches long, 2 inches diameter

Assorted designs randomly picked by our warehouse staffs.


hand-held percussion musical instrument thousand-dot painted coconut shaker maracas rattle

Approximately 8 to 8.5 inches long, coconut shell ball around 3.75 to 4.25 inches in diamter

Assorted designs randomly picked by our warehouse staffs.



large size tribal animal thousand-dot handpainted thunder drum, thunder-maker, spring drum, thunder tube, thunder shaker, thunder stick, storm maker, thunder boomer

Approximate size: 9.75 x 3 x 3 inches

Assorted designs randomly picked by our warehouse staffs.

1 piece for USD$6
1 piece for USD$4.50
1 piece for USD$7
6 pieces for USD$34.50
(USD$5.75 each)
6 pieces for USD$25.50
(USD$4.25 each)
6 pieces for USD$39
(USD$6.50 each)


musical-instrument-mix-1a musical-instrument-mix-1b musical-instrument-mix-1c musical-instrument-mix-1d

Cricket rattle musical instrument Plain wood maracas Handcrafted wooden musical instrument Plain wood color etek etek

Kids precusion shaker



Natural product musical noise maker triple Bali bamboo whistle tribal musical instrument frog-buzzer-noise-maker-1a bamboo-whistle-1



mixed designs of musical instruments handmade in Bali Indonesia, include shakers, tambourin stick, percussion instument etek-etck etc.

Assorted designs randomly picked by our warehouse staffs.

6 pieces for USD$24.90
(USD$4.15 each)
12 pieces for USD$47.40
(USD$3.95 each)
24 pieces for USD$90
(USD$3.75 each)


Mini coconut shell finger karimba piano
Mini coconut shell finger karimba piano


Mini coconut shell finger karimba piano


wooden egg shaker, Bali percussion musical instrument

2.5 x 2 inches


USD$6.75 for 1 piece

USD$4.00 each


USD$30.00 for 5 pieces
(equals to USD$6.00 per piece)

USD$21 for 6 pieces (equal to USD$3.50 each)



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