The World Waits: World Cup 2010 1

South Africa hosts World Cup 2010 and I believe that there is more to it than that. Football historically is more popular with black Africans while the white Africans prefer rugby and cricket. In 1995 Rugby World Cup was grabbed by South Africa in a home court advantage. A comparison and maybe an expectation arise if South Africa can repeat a win for World Cup 2010. As the host nation, South Africa qualifies automatically but even so, they participated in the World Cup qualifiers.

In another point not related to the game, players are warned that South Africa has the highest AIDS/HIV case from anywhere else in the world. The World Cup is scheduled to run until July 11, 2010. That is 32 teams in 32 days. And since players are away from home, I believe it is best to keep their hands in their own pockets and to themselves. This, I suppose is another goal for them to accomplish.

Well, anyway, we are hoping for good events for World Cup 2010. Already, the US-England match was tallied to a 1-1 tie. England’s first goal credit came from my personal favourite Steven Gerrard who captains his team in the absence of Rio Ferdinand. Gerrard also captains English Premier League Liverpool. Both Liverpool and World Cup fans look forward to England’s games as Gerrard is indeed a top goalscorer.

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