So how do we define women’s fashion of today? This time around it is more complicated, as it is not complete with the outfit alone, without jewelries to accessorize it, without a fashionable bag that matches your outfit or without a trendy shoe that adds glamour on what you wear. Maybe this just means that we have to consider a lot of things before we go deep beyond every detail of women’s fashion.

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In fact; nowadays, a lot of women are going gaga over these highly expensive bags. Some of it even costs up to $50,000, but still number of women can afford to buy it. It is just an example that women of today has the capability to own things, never mind the price as long as they can afford it. Well, if you can pay it, why not?We often heard that women are so fashion conscious.

Take for instance the annual Oscars award, don’t you think everyone around the world were only waiting for the result of the winners only? Not at all, all the fashionistas around the world are all agog of what will the celebrities would be wearing. Not only that, they are also interested the name of the designers of the dresses that the star is bearing. In fact, internet sites immediately post their pictures on the net and judged them of who were the worst and best dressed.

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