Wiz Khalifa Arrested 1

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am totally uncool. So, bite me.

You know who thinks he is cool? That’s right, Wiz Khalifa. You know what he is aside from cool? Dumb a–, that’s what…Hey, if you’re a fan, that’s your problem okay. So, don’t write to me. I am only saying that we have a new name for stupid. Let me tell you the story.

So this guy Wiz Khalifa or Wix Khalifa –don’t know what he prefers, thinks he is cool. He has been running around with his Taylor Gang doing concerts and his latest stop was at the East Carolina University. So the day Wiz Khalifa was to board his bus to the concert site, he tweeted things that led to his arrest for drug possession. What were the words Wiz Khalifa chose? Check this out! And in quote:

“Yes, I think I’m cool cuz I get to wake up, smoke and record on my bus,”

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