Why Sarong is Popular

Since time immemorial, sarongs have been used by men and women as part of their wardrobes or for something else. You’ll be surprised at how many ideas you can come up with on ways to use the sarong.

Evolution of Sarong

Traditionally, sarong is a fabric that comes in colorful designs with intricate patterns and delicate hand-painted animals, birds, flowers and any other landscape or nature-inspired subjects. It is usually worn as a dress with one end of it draping over one shoulder and tied with the corresponding end from the back so it looks like a one-shoulder wrap.

What was once used mainly as a skirt or wrap, however, has now evolved into a lot of different things for a lot of other imaginative and creative people.

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Sarong is known for its unique batik designs. While the sarong has evolved into smaller pieces of fabric – sometimes with strings and buttons and sometimes triangular and fringed – one constant has remained: the batik patterns that add color to the whole fabric.

Present Time Sarong

Today, you can see sarongs that are paired into one set for the top and the bottom. Before, one long fabric was used for both the top and the bottom – just like a slip-on long dress. The sarong was folded into the desired length and then wrapped and tied around the breast area.

The top half of today’s evolutionary sarong is usually triangular in shape to make it more form-fitting and secure. Thus, you need not fear exposing yourself in public. The shape also makes it easier to tie both ends at the back.

The lower half also comes with strings of the same fabric which goes around the waist. What you do is tie the string’s ends at one side of your waist. This secures the bottom half of your outfit and also enhances the design of your sarong skirt.

Sometimes, both top and bottom pair comes with fringes of the same fabric.

The Cosmopolitan Sarong

The sarong is a common sight in Asian countries, especially the Southern Philippines and Indonesia. Now, however, the sarong is also worn everywhere. It’s especially seen in beaches where women wear one as a wrap-around or coverall for their bathing suits. The sarong has evolved from a functional fabric to a functional AND fashionable article of clothing.

It is no wonder then that a lot of people – women, mostly – have incorporated the versatile sarong into their regular wardrobe. After all, it is a dress, skirt, wrap, top, blanket, scarf, and sling rolled into one. There’s no limit to what you can do with it; and for as long as you have imagination, the sarong will be the most useful piece in your closet yet.

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