Where can we find the cheapest watches in town? Well, if you buy it in wholesale, guaranteed you can avail the cheapest one. A watch’s main purpose is to tell time; but if you want it to be a piece of jewelry, it can be too.

Before we go into detail about watches, how did this time keeper emerged from the fashion world? Before the existence of this device, during ancient times they determined the time by following the movement of the sun. Since they merely rely on sun’s shadow, they failed to distinguish time when its cloudy or rainy. Also ineffective during night time, as the sun doesn’t appear anymore. The Egyptians, who were the first people used this method by dividing the daytime into some parts.

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The hour glass is one of the methods too, by putting some grains of sand falling without stopping from one chamber to the other. Water clock was being introduced, determing the time depends on the nightly overflow of a vessel with lead balls in it. A candle clock also was being used by determining its rate of burning. From this, they can have the idea of getting the time. Just imagine if we are still using these systems in our present time?

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