Who said that only diamonds have glitter? Sterling silver jewelries have it too! Silver is a soft, glossy white metal. It appears naturally pure with some other metals like alloy and gold. It has been considered as precious metal, and continously used as valuable utensils, coins and the very famous sterling silver jewelry.

Jewelleries like earrings, necklace, bracelets are conventionally made from sterling silver, composed of 92.5% alloy with 7.5% silver. Compared to pure silver, sterling silver is harder, that’s why often used as silverware and wrought utensils. Sterling jewelry is usually plated with coat of .999 fine silver to provide the item a lustrous, flashy look.

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Compared to gold, silver is a lot cheaper. But still precious and still very in demand for fashionable people who wants to embellish themselves with not too expensive jewelries. Silver has penetrated the market because it is very useful as a creative jewelry material.

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