Would you consider a man as gay if he is so vain of how he look? I won’t! Gone are the days when a man is typecast as gay when he is excessively proud of of his peronal apperance. Like women, men have their own needs, style and definition of how to maintain the good look. One of it is investing on their clothes.

When man is propely dressed up, it stands for confidence and independence, and women love those qualities. It adds more oozing appeal, more good looks and more girls too. Honestly, women find men so attractive if they are neat the way they fix their clothes.

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If you are planning on a date, you should imply a possitive impression to your partner even on the first date. If she has good impression on you on your first meeting, then the rest will follow positively. Your outfit should be tailored on the theme of your date. If it is formal, then find the best suit for you. It should match from the shoes, to your tie, it should be well coordinated. Remember, first impressions last.If you are attending a business meeting, first rule should be considered.

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