If the adults can choose their own outfit to look good, what about the junion ones? What do you mean by junior anyway? Junior days are also know as your teen days aged 16-17. For many, this is the most exciting time of your life. As this the time that you will explore a lot of things that you’ve been questioning since then. This may include your hobbies, your peers, your parents and even your style of clothing.

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The junior style of clothing may be confusing, every teen has the desire to establish their own trend. When you are young, you tend to be experimental in everything you do. To relay your fashion statement to everyone is something you want to do. Though every person has its own creativity when it comes to fashion, a certain trademark for yourself will make a mileage from your peers. Others will do the hip hop look, ragged or the preppy look.

A lot of styles have been applied nowadays that sometimes teens may be confused. But there are definitely classy teen clothes that stays in the bandwagon for long now. These are designs that no matter what are the innovations would be, it will still be the trend in the junior’s fashion world.

Take for example the skirts, may it be short or really short, long, but still exist in the many generation. Skirts with belts, high waist skirt, pleated or pencil skirt and so on.

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