A piece of jewelry, speaks of something when someone wears it. It may have sentimental value, a piece of heirloom, a birthday gift or your presence for yourself. High end jewelry is considered a precious owned possession. It’s agreat investment too, as its value increases as it gets old.

Our wholesale products

Buying wholesale jewelry supplies could be tasky, but if you really love jewelry making then it can be an easy thing for you to do. Many are involve in jewelry making; first, it was just a hobby then turned into a business. It is fun making money out from your hobby. First thing in mind is where to get those supplies?

Jewelry designers nowadays really make good money for this work. If you aim to become the retailer, buy wholesale beads, locks, extenders and more from a credible supplier. If you cannot find one in your area, you may research online suppliers in the internet. Though there is the so called MOQ (minimum order requirment), but you can avail bigger discounts if you purchase under their MOQ. If your order is below MOQ, prices are a little expensive.

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