It’s the fad! It’s the trend! These are words from men and women who are crazy about fashion today. Most of them are enthusiastic about where to find the latest in the dresses as well as the clothing accessories.

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They even thought of ordering it from a wholesale market so they can save from this addiction. Yes! Some of them are addicted to shopping. Had you watched the movie Confession of a Shopholic? That movie was inspired from people who are totally engrossed to it.

Clothing accessories can be described as something that accessorize your wardrobe like hats, bags, and jewelries.

Hats have plenty of variations particulary in the materals used. It could be made from woven materials like sinamay, raffia, sisal or straw . Also made from fabrics and animal fur or skin. Like dresses, there are also hats fit for an occassion. Examples types of hats are cowboy hat, beret, bucket and more. A hat is can be very specific, it could be for safety, for religious beliefs or simply just an embellishment.

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