Pearls are not suitable for weddings and preppy sweaters. But paired with a formal dress thy make a grand statement. Long strands of pearls can be mixed with silver or gold chains. Y can also go in for a large-size necklace along with a strapless dress.

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There is no necessity to match your necklace with your earrings. A pearl necklace can be paired with diamonds, silver, gold or colored stones. This will give you a less matronly look. A matchy-matchy set will not.


If you want to accent a strapless or sleeveless dress, the best way to do so is to wear an armful of bracelets. Mix diamond or rhinestone bracelets with silver of gold.

Long Necklaces

Long layered necklaces were made the epitome of chic by Coco Channel. Evening wear has now adopted the look with metal chains or long strands ofpearl over a strapless dress.

Bold Earrings

Sometimes the only other trimming that you might need could be a dramatic pair of earrings. Chandelier or shoulder duster earrings go along seamlessly with updos and short hair. It is not necessary that bold earrings should be drops, big diamond studs will also have the same effect.

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