Color Therapy: If you happen to have a slightly thin body then the preferred color may be white and for those who are well endowed black may be the color that should dominate your wardrobe. Nevertheless, these colors when worn on the face may make you appear to be a plain Jane. Your face may look colorless if you wear black and white may make your teeth look yellow. As such you have to look for colors that make your face appear fresh. Black clothes may be set aside for the lower body. Try to wear colors that match either your hair or your eyes.

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Stay away from clothing that do not fit well. Many people attempt to cover up an ungainly part of the body and manage to cover the good looking parts too. People who are plump are often seen wearing baggy tops which ends up giving them an appearance that is rounded and make them appear fatter. You have to check out the cuts that suit you. Wear that size that fits you so that you do not appear overflowing or drowned in your clothes.

Be presentable wherever you go and avoid looking sloppy. The first impression is the best impression. What happens if you are in a mall dressed sloppily and you come across a person you know and he or she does not even give you a second glance because of your sloppy clothing. Neither is there any necessity for you to be dressed like a bomb. All you have to do is to wear a shirt that looks neat and fits you well with a trendy pair of jeans.

Wear clothing that suit your personality. We know what we are. For instance, some individuals just cannot sport a tube top. You may purchase some clothes that look trendy at a store but finally end up never wearing it since it does not suit your personality. Keep in mind that only if you are comfortable when you are wearing a dress that will make you feel good.

Fashion is nothing but what suits you rather that what is the particular trend. You may try on different clothes and styles and choose what looks and feels good. You could even get coupons and discounts on the Internet and save some cash while spoiling yourself with some great clothing.

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