Scarf is a fashion accessory that can go a long way in giving your dress a whole lot of great look. This depends anyway on if you know how to tie the scarf for that very special purpose. Scarf had been around for ages now and women from all forms of back ground do have cause to make use of a scarf once in awhile. Some people use scarf just ordinarily. But the fashion world had been able to develop different ways of making use of the scarf. These methods can help to add quite a lot of trendy look to you and your dress.
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If what you have is a silk scarf, you can wear it in a very different manner from the traditional conventional way. The traditional way to make use of this silk scarf is just to tie it around the neck, but these days more trendy stuffs had been put into the use of the scarf. This simple fashion accessory can now be worn in various other ways that will blow your mind.

You can wear a scarf in the form of a head band. But before you do this, you will need to make sure that the color of the scarf matches the color of the dress you are putting on. This matching between your scarf and your dress will go a long way in setting your appearance up for that real cool look.

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