The Murder of Yeardley Love

Headlines like “Virginia lacrosse player dies” are sure to get the attention and peak the curiosity of people. It does even more so when such a headline is followed by talks of murder.
A University of Virginia (UVA) lacrosse player was killed inside her off-campus apartment. The victim was identified as Yeardley Love, a senior student at UVA. Her roommate found her at around 2 o’clock in the morning and reported the situation to the local police.
Police investigation points toward foul play, and according to reports, the police have verified that the death was no means by accident. Virginia police refuse to give out any further details, however, Virginia is further rocked when Later on, another UVA lacrosse player is dragged to this tragedy. This person goes by the name of George Huguely and is arrested for the said first degree murder.
Both are seniors at UVA. Both are lacrosse players. Both are only 22 years old.
We have yet to find out the motive behind the crime or if the suspect is even guilty of this heinous crime at all. Whatever the outcome, we can only hope that justice will be met and that the person behind Yeardley Love’s death will be caused to suffer the proper consequences for his actions.
That being said, we cannot ignore the fact that at least two lives were ruined by this tragedy. The suspect may be to blame, but his life is just as ruined as the victim’s.
The Virginia lacrosse teams that these two young people once belonged to will probably never be the same again after this scandal rocks the lives of two people, whom they probably considered not only as team mates or school mates, but as their friends.
Our sympathy and condolences reach out to the families and friends of Yeardley Love.

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