US World Cup Group C Mayhem 1

What do I know about bad calls and bad referees? None, I tell you. But the recent ho-ha at the US World Cup cannot help my mind to rest. I don’t even know if I needed to be ‘happy’ with Koman Coulibaly’s wrong call on Friday’s US World Cup games (we are calling it wrong call for now, unless FIFA reverse the decision) for USA-Slovenia. Maybe I should be happy since this writer is supporting England. Okay, so, they say that Koman Coulibaly robbed the US a sure advantage over the US World Cup. But because of that (UN) toward incident at the US World Cup Group C Qualifications, USA Team needs to beat Algeria on the 23 June US World Cup Schedule 2010. But, if the USA loses, it will mean a non-qualifier to the Round of 16 for the second most popular team on Group C of the US World Cup. So, the USA Team objective is to win at all cost and to annihilate the game. A win will tie the US scores with Slovenia.

On the other hand, if our (read: mine) favourite England loses to Slovenia on the 24th June at the US World Cup Schedule 2010, the US Team advances. You see our predicament?

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