Maramures Music part 1

In today’s modern world of music include all kinds of innovative kinds. These are some traditional music yet felt with great attire. Among one of the sacred music which is considered all around the globe is maramure music. Maramure traditional music is basically originated from the northern parts of the Romans. The people of Maramure recite the music with round dance called hora. This maramure music signifies all variety ranging from love, mourning, lullabies, ballads, carols, patriotic army songs and song for deer ones. All this songs portray the Romania history and culture.

Maramure music is played with musical instruments where melody is given major importance. The music is either played solo or group of people. The local Maramure people generally form orchestra in order to play Maramure music. The typical ballad comprises the sentiments and emotions while portraying the theme of concept.

The instruments used normally in playing Maramure music were “Tulnic”, the whistle, and the violin or the cetera. The use of Zongora, which is a modified guitar with two, three or four chords normally used while playing Maramure music. The doba by name artisanal, two membrane drum is used for extra sound effect. Second violin or counter violin and Gurduna which is a small contrabass is also used while recitation of Maramure music.

When playing Maramure music there are occasions where limited number of musical tools or instruments is used. The lack of musical instrument is well compensated by stamp feet, hand clapping and rhythm of the dance. The leaf round dance is considered to be the most fame music version by the Maramure people.

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