Making Small stores run successful is really challenging since there is a lot of competition and only if you are really smart you can survive and bring profit in your stores. Here are a few tips to the way to success;

The window display has to be changed as often as possible. It should be attractive so that the people will be tempted the visit the shop whiling passing the shop. If you keep changing the materials in the window it gives an idea that the things are fast moving. Spending a few minutes in changing the display in the window is sure to increase your sale for the day.

Playing music is one way of attracting people. You can choose certain attractive songs so that the customers enjoy the music as well while shopping around. It is said that in a shop in UK they played both German and French music in alternate days and noted that the days when German music was played German wines were selling a lot and when French music was played French wine sold in big quantity. The customer service remark said customers were unaware of the effects of music on their product choices. Music creates atmosphere and add texture to the environment.

Discount of items is one way of attracting. It has been found that Save $15 is a much more powerful message than 20% off. It is said that discount items are placed near the cash till so that they will be tempted while paying the money.

IF your customers have an e mail address then try goes get their addresses so that you can send him an e mail about the seasonal sales. It is advised not to give a form to fill up asking about whether they would like to be notified when new articles arrive but to get the address in a book or paper. If you collect some say five to ten addresses a day then by the time seasonal sale stats you would have collected about thousands of addresses. If you send for thousand at least half might turn up for the sale.

A small, little store owner should be partitioned to 2 different sects, the one who care for the store signage and the one who do not. A lot of signs, poor signage, misleading messages, signs written in black felt and misleading messages, all send a negative message about your store and product.

Desk top publishing system can be used to produce professional looking signs… Signage can be made colorful and since it is easy to change it often to attract new customers and also old customers. They act as silent sales person and attract new customers.

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