·Networking: if you are doing any improvements to your home, ask your family members, work associates or friends and see if they can put you on to someone else who is a sub-contractor and can get wholesale or discounted prices on furniture, landscaping, building supplies and flooring. If using their service is also in the deal, take time to compare costs of labor and see that you are obtaining the best of prices. High costs of labor can quickly offset the savings that you made by buying wholesale.

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·Buyers’ Market: If you reside in a city or near one that conducts wholesale market for items like furniture, fashion, jewelry or flowers, check the Internet or call the organizers of such markets for a calendar of events. You can also find out if and when the markets are open to the general public. If you don’t have a business license, you may be charged a higher rate but even then you can find savings that are quite substantial.

·Sample Sales: Look in the classified section of your locality’s shopper magazine or newspaper and check whether manufacturers are selling samples of their merchandise. Wedding apparel, home interiors, artwork, accessories, jewelry, athletic wear, clothing and rugs are some of the common items that you might find.

·Compare Shop Prices: An advertisement saying that an item is being sold at a wholesale price doesn’t mean that it actually is. Price and good product knowledge is the essential thing to see that you are paying the lowest possible price. This holds true for wholesale or retail shopping.

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