A combination of baggy pants, heavy boots with firm look, with a bit of make-up. Some of the urban clothing is a mix of urban and the casual get up. A taste of urban clothing among youths today is a hit that everyone wants to try it too.

But this outfit will not be complete without some bling bling that accessorize it. These are huge, long fashion jewelries made from platinum or silver surrounded with some diamonds. Rapper Jay-Z was the pioneer in this trend. It became a hit that everyone are all agog for this new transition. In fact, famous jewelry brands were making their own mark in the bling bling world.

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Though on the negative side of this development, there are some commentators who are obviously against in this style of fashion. Because it became such a hit, some youths who cannot afford expensive hip hop were complaining about the new trend that had been set in the market. Most that were highly publisized and promoted became very expensive. They were asking for the display of the less expensive brands so they can afford it, they don’t have to steal or rob just to be able to buy this fad. For less expensive wholesale urban clothing, we can offer your money’s worth.

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