The unique island of Bali is unique when compared with the other islands of Indonesia. Its origin is said to be god created. This uniqueness dates back to Creation of islands by the gods

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As you find in the Purana Sada it has been said when the earth the islands and the continents were created on earth God (Ida Sang Widhi/Bathara Pasupathi) asked all the Other gods who were dwell in all the nine directions, to the six gods namely Sad winayaka, group of four gods namely Catur Dewa, to god Rsis, to god dragon, gods from Trinayaka group and to the gods of the Universe to come together on top of mount Mahameru. He asked them to create a new island called Bali

Bathara Pasupatisaid that the island thus created would be the shrine of Gods lead by Bhatara Mahadeva/Putranjaya. In this island the gods will be worshiped and honored (Dipuja) and also given offerings till the end, by the people living on the island and the gods will me know as Bali

Then the island was formed by the gods The Dragon god known as Sang Hyang Ananta Boga supported the island from below. While the turtle god Sang Hyang Kuram Gni became the foundation of Bali and Badawang Nala became the underneath layer of earth of the island. It was then god Sang Hyang Kala created the soil and the sky on the island.

The beautiful island thus created delighted the gods and made in Bali the everlasting shrines. So Bali was disclosed as the place of gods and the people who visit it often call it as a last paradise (the island of gods).

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