Each and every stage is commenced on some auspicious day, along with offerings. The rites are on the water opening, preparing field, transplanting, development, panicle appearance, bearing flower, and harvesting. After harvesting, first rice is taken to rice barn and some offerings are made, before consumption.

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Subaks take care of all the irrigation process into a smooth way. The cooperation is brought about by this social unit. They also take care of the ceremonies related to the cultivation.

Water temples are considered in awe among the farmers to produce high yield, without any problems. The water is considered sacred and these temples guard the purity of the water.

Dewi Sri is the Goddess of rice. During special rice cycle, the image of the goddess is formed with the rice stalks and called cili.

In the rice fields, there are frogs, eels, and fish, which are used as food. The kids hunt for dragon flies and eat them after roasting. Balinese grow ducks in the rice field. The ducks following the farmer at night is a common figure in Balinese paintings.

In the year of 2002, in April, the publication on rice’s genetic code amazed people. It has more than 15,000 genes, which is higher than human beings. In the miracle rice, the gene factor blend the Peta, an Indonesian variety, which is tall and resistant to pests and disease with the Taiwanese high yielding variety of Dee-geo-woo-gen. this new variety of miracle rice is named as IR8.

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