A pair of beautiful gloves will add a ladylike touch to the formal dress that you are wearing. If you are dresses in a sleeveless, short sleeve or a bracelet length dress the best gloves would be short ones. Strapless and sleeveless dress also go along great with longer elbow-length gloves.

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Metallic Shoes

From blouses to bags, metallics have made their mark, but the timeless classics are the bronze, silver or gold shoes. They are perfect, not only with pastels and neutrals but they also add a sparkle to tame colors such as gray or black.


There isn’t a thing to keep you off from showing a fabulous tattoo simply because you are all dressed up. But you should be young enough and hip enough to carry it off (the late forty-something actress Melanie Griffith seems to have forgotten this rule because of the huge arm tattoo that she flaunts on the runway).

Fishnet Hose

Bare legs may as yet be in fashion, but a fishnet hose simply elevates a formal to an icon status of fashion.

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