Caring For Your Pearls

Even the cultured pearls with thick coatings are more fragile than other gemstones. As such handling them must be done carefully to maintain them in the best of conditions.

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Put your pearls after you have applied perfume and makeup. They will then remain cleaner.

Remember to remove your pearls before applying body and hand creams.

As soon as you remove them, wipe them with lint cloth that is soft. The lint cloth can be either dry or wet. If you wipe them with a wet cloth, allow them to dry before storing them away.

Dirty pearls are best cleaned with a mild water and soap solution (try Ivory flakes).

Avoid cleaning your pearls with harsh detergents or solutions that have ammonia in them.

Avoid putting pearls in an ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners or abrasive cloth. Both of them will wear away the pearl and you will be left with an ordinary looking bead.

Storing Pearls

Avoid storing pearls with other jewelry since they can be easily scratched when other gemstones or metal comes into contact with them. Keep your pearls in a special slot in your jewelry box or store them in a soft chamois bag or any other non-abrasive material.

You should restring your pearls periodically. Then only will the nylon or silk string that holds them together will be in good shape.

Did You Know: Whereas natural pearls are sold by weight in carats, cultured pearls are sold by their size in mm.

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