Competition is healthy. Volume and price are not the only criteria by which you can compete with bigger retail shops. There are other ways. On one hand, the more unique the merchandise, the lesser the chance of competition.

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One way to see that you are having a really exclusive product is to make it yourself. Another method would be partnering with a small business that manufactures products that you’d like to market. You could also think of private label products. This allows you to brand a product manufactured by another person.


When you make a decision on the products to market from your shop, ask yourself this question – is this something that I would give to my dearest friend? If the answer is no, you’ll have to keep looking for some other product. The quality of the product is extremely important when it is a question of your reputation.


Keep the products you offer simple at the initial stages. If the product line your are promoting is focused and narrow, then your efforts to market them will also be tightly focused and will draw in marketing dollars. As your business grows, so can you diverse your products but remember that they should be well-matched with your initial type of business, your market and your locality.

Some questions that you should keep in mind while choosing merchandise for resale are:

Ø Would you purchase and utilize it yourself?
Ø Can you picture yourself getting excited about the service or the product?
Ø Would you give it to someone you are acquainted with?
Ø Is there a real requirement for the item in today’s market?
Ø Can you picture yourself marketing the same product for the next several years?

The crucial factor for a successful business is to understand your product and to believe in it. If you yourself do not believe in the items that you are selling, then it is quite probable that you will not be good at marketing it. Keep thinking and you will come across a product or a product line that will meet your ability to locate, purchase and resell it meeting the needs of your target market.

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