Bandung: With a large no of fashion outlets and great night life with excellent restaurants and warungs this city has been rightly called the ‘Jeans City. Apart from this the city also nests a large number of art galleries and museums.
Jakarta: Thickly populated Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia with the highest tourist attraction. Though the city has congested traffic it has excellent rail, bus and taxi service. It is in this city one will find the monuments built in honor of the fallen war heroes during the independence struggle. The cit has large number of museums, and art galleries. There are plentiful bars and night clubs which adore the city making it as the most frequently visited city by the tourist.

Minor Cities:

Surakarta : The centre for Javanese culture Surakarta has the ‘blue’ Kraton and like Yogyakarta, it has its own distinct pattern.

Bogor: Jakartans consider it as a fresh mountain retreat and it houses the Presidential palace and the botanical garden.

Cirebon: Is an historical city, is also a chief traffic center of the area with an attractive culture.
Purwokerto: This city is well-known for the batik work.

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Moving around

The best infrastructure among the Indonesian towns is Java with excellent bus and rail services. It is well connected to capital Jakarta and most other cities of the island. Eksekutif class is considered to be the most expensive and they remain the best for travel. The road construction is exceptional with many toll roads.

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