Wayang have three types of stories, Wayang parwa which is Mahabaratha stories, Wayang Ramayana, stories of Rama and Wayang Colon Arang, stories of witch Randa.

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Dalang, the priest generally male says prayer’s before performance which brings the puppets to life and it usually takes place in the family temple of the priest. If he is from high cast he is called Pemangku and if he is from lower cast he is known as Jero.

Dalang plays every character and the puppets are controlled by his foot. Dalang should be able to hold the audience for long hours with jokes funny songs and quoting extensive passages as of memory. Famous dalangs come from the Sukawathi village, where the families pass down the gift through generations. They have good mental and physical stamina, and their duty is to entertain and educate.

White cloth with black borders and red square at the sides which is 6 feet long called Kelir, separates the audience from the dalang. An oil lamp (dammar) cast shadows on the cloth. Two assistance (tututan) hands over the puppets made from hide placed and placed log of banana (gedebong) at the base of the screen. The puppets shadow is seen on the screen when held against the oil lamp the right figures are the Heroes and the left figures are the evil.

The performance takes place during night and are played for long hours.

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