Ted Koppel’s Son Andrew Dead After a Drinking Spree 1

Nothing and I mean nothing, is more tragic than to bury your own child. It isn’t right that a parent should live to tell about the death of his own child. It was not just meant to be.

And Ted Koppel was not an exemption to this. Amid the death of his son Andrew Koppel, Ted Koppel was quoted as saying that “we will mourn for the rest of our lives.” And I believe that the circumstances surrounding the death of Andrew Koppel were as heartbreaking.

Andrew Koppel, 40, was last seen alive having a drinking binge with a man named Russell Wimberly whom Koppel just met. People who saw the two men said that they hopped from one bar to the next drinking beer and whiskey the whole day. Later Russell took Andrew Koppel to an apartment owned by Belinda Caban. Too drunk to even walk, Caban and Wimberly let Andrew Koppel slept in one of Caban’s room. Andrew died hours later but it would be much later before Caban and Russell would found out about it.

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