Okay. You might be wondering what in the name of heaven is TDOT? TDOT SmartWay is actually the state of Tennessee’s “intelligent” transportation system.
The goal of this system is to ensure that highways, any form of transportation and public transit are kept safe by using advanced technologies, which include roadway traffic sensors, camera video surveillance, dynamic message signs, incident management, construction information, information on weather-related road conditions, and so many others. (These facts on the TDOT system are gathered from the website of the Tennessee Department of Transportation).
Strong storms are said to be arriving in Tennessee soon and citizens can expect heavy rainfall, so concerned citizens are now flooding the TDOT hotline 511 for information on road conditions, construction and other matters that could be affected by this storm.
Local news channels such as news channel 5, news publications such as the Jackson Sun, and radio stations like WKRN and WBBJ are also tuning in to this system for live updates. TDOT also has a TDOT Twitter account that citizens can follow for updates.
It is in these times that people can be thankful for the advances that have been reached in technology in order to handle situations such as this. Only one or two decades ago, the idea of road traffic sensors or live video feeds would have been a seemingly impossible idea, but today has become a reality tanks to the advances in modern technology.
However, despite this, while such technology does do its part in helping to prevent casualties from natural calamities by allowing people to make informed choices and giving them a ready source to call for help, it can still do little to prevent the calamity itself. For this reason, we can only hope for the safety of the people of Tennessee and that little harm will be done to any of the people of that state.

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