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American Dream Shattered at USA VS Ghana 2

The American hopes were a bit shattered in 5 minutes of the USA VS Ghana playtime when the latter scored its first goal. It was therefore understood why the Americans were a bit pushing it too hard during USA VS Ghana, the hurdles were set up high too early. The American had a slow start, goal coming only 57 minutes after the Ghana’s. That was the longest 57 minutes for any American. The American dream only looked drearier during the extra time of the USA VS Ghana match. And when Ghana finally goes through their very first quarter finals after the USA VS Ghana match, the US was inconsolable.

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American Dream Shattered at USA VS Ghana 1

And for now, the World Cup is over for the US. Not that it is the result that we are anticipating. Oh well, thanks for the disappointment –I guess both to the US (USA VS Ghana) and England (England VS Germany).

But if it’s worth anything, the Americans gave it a good fight at the field during the USA VS Ghana match in the Round of 16. I was expecting drama on the USA VS Ghana match. The reasons: US had commitment and belief that they were moving forward in the tournament and they made World Cup exciting sans or otherwise the almighty England (which eventually displayed an equally disappointing finish with Germany 1-4). Ghana on the other hand carries on their shoulders the African hope of drinking from the cup at the finals, to be hailed as among the best eight teams in the world notwithstanding.

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