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Facebook Cartoon Profile Pics: A blast from the Past 2

“From 16th to 20th November, we shall change our profile picture to our favourite cartoon characters. The purpose of this game is to remove all photos of humans for a few days from Facebook.”

This Facebook cartoon profile pic change was originally Greek but the original author is yet untraceable. But no matter, it was indeed fun and a well worth trip to the past. Facebook cartoon is a successful Internet meme.

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Cartoon Profile Pics: A blast from the Past 1

Recent Facebook craze encourage users to use Facebook cartoon profile pictures. Facebook has been flooded with profile pictures of cartoon characters from the past. Even popular celebrities changed their profile pictures to Facebook Cartoon pics! Check out some of these celebs and what they have to say about their Facebook cartoon profile pictures. So, have you changed to Facebook cartoon profile pictures just yet?

This change in your profile pictures to a cartoon image from one’s childhood states that until December 7, users are to put up a Facebook cartoon profile picture. The note further explains that this is to put up against violence on children.

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