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Ted Koppel’s Son Andrew Dead After a Drinking Spree -2

Imagine Ted Koppel’s grief, or any father for that matter: your 40 year old son dead from drinking, in a stranger’s house of all places. If we don’t know Ted Koppel we would say that this guy is one sorry loser. But then, we know Ted Koppel so we think otherwise. We see it as a bad coincidence, as if good luck lady has turned her back from Andrew Koppel to die like that.

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Ted Koppel’s Son Andrew Dead After a Drinking Spree 1

Nothing and I mean nothing, is more tragic than to bury your own child. It isn’t right that a parent should live to tell about the death of his own child. It was not just meant to be.

And Ted Koppel was not an exemption to this. Amid the death of his son Andrew Koppel, Ted Koppel was quoted as saying that “we will mourn for the rest of our lives.” And I believe that the circumstances surrounding the death of Andrew Koppel were as heartbreaking.

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