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The World Waits: World Cup 2010 2

Total goals scored at World Cup 2010 as of this writing are 13. Three-time world champion Germany made four goals followed by South Korea with two. My other favourite team and defending champion Italy will be playing Paraguay on June 14 with a point to prove. Italy aims to make a repeat on their 2006 performance where they opened a 2-0 win against Ghana.

Other games to look forward to are bouts from South Africa, the crowd favourite versus Uruguay on June 16 and France versus Mexico on June 17.

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The World Waits: World Cup 2010 1

South Africa hosts World Cup 2010 and I believe that there is more to it than that. Football historically is more popular with black Africans while the white Africans prefer rugby and cricket. In 1995 Rugby World Cup was grabbed by South Africa in a home court advantage. A comparison and maybe an expectation arise if South Africa can repeat a win for World Cup 2010. As the host nation, South Africa qualifies automatically but even so, they participated in the World Cup qualifiers.

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