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Word War with Willow 2

And with this incident, I am sure the liberals are going to have a field day making this a national issue instead of what it really is: kids being kids. The worse thing that I can think about it is a case of cyber bullying – although that is not good either. But the point is, you go to every 16 year old Facebook account and chances are, you will see words posted worst than the Palins used.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska is an eight parts TV series hosted by Sarah Palin. It is part documentary and travel.

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Word War with Willow 1

Well, the good news is, Willow Palin is just being a normal teenager despite having a superstar mom. Yeah, yeah surely mother Sarah Palin should teach her children how to behave but I guess the girls were provoked. And please let us not make this a venue to question Sarah Palin’s parenting skills.

And if you haven’t been on earth lately, I am talking about Willow Palin, daughter of politician, White House hopeful Sarah Palin slashing someone on Facebook on a total juvenile message board war.

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