In ancient days people wore jewelry made from what they got in the place where they live. It is worn by women mainly as they thought it increased the beauty of a lady. In very old days they used leaves of different shapes to make dresses and also jewelry. Then when the men went out in search of food they killed animals and started wearing dresses in animal skin and used the bones, horns, teeth etc of animals to make jewelry. Then they invented the metal and finally the precious metals gold, silver and platinum
In olden days the Egyptians wore certain symbolic jewelry to show their religious beliefs. They believed that eyes of symbols of good health. So they used the eye of horus make jewelry and wore it thinking that they will remain healthy .Like that they used certain symbolic jewelry for different purposes. For example .Ankh symbolizes eternal life, Other symbolic jewelry used are lotus, serpent, falcon .Later on the Islam people were forbidden from wearing jewelry so they started wearing silver jewelry.
Roman Christians also used certain symbolic jewelry. They are cross, Rosary fish charm etc. Cross represents the sufferings of Jesus and most of the Christians wear it either made from metal or gold or silver. Rosary is used by many – Christians. -And also Islamic people and Buddhist.