Cashmere shawls are one of the different kinds of clothes that get special attention. Being extraordinary clothing it needs extra care to keep it clean. The fibers used to make the shawl are so delicate that even dry cleaning damages the cloth. So dry cleaning should be done only when it is really necessary. The professional cleaners use certain chemicals which when exposed to the cloth for a long time will cause damage to the material and make them feel dry and brittle.
Get it cleaned by a professional dry cleaner if some strong strain is formed in the cloth or it is decorated with some sequins and beads and so difficult to clean at home.. It prevents snagging and tearing.
If the stain is minor then the cashmere shawl can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water by hand provided the label does not say it is meant for dry cleaning only. While washing see to it the colored items are separated so that the dye bleeding from one does not spoil the other item. Bleach is allergic to this cashmere shawl material since it is too harsh for a delicate material like cashmere shawl.
For cleaning the Cashmere shawl at home, soak it in soapy water to loosen the grime for some time. If the strain is heavy use a wash cloth to pat the soiled areas to help remove the dirt. Rubbing at a particular spot is not advisable since it will show up after washing. Cold water can be used to rinse the material after removal of stain and then drip dried without stretching the fabric. The excess water after washing can be removed by gently rolling it out on large, soft towel. Once dried, it can be ironed in coolest setting; placing a cloth over it and turning it upside down. Using iron directly may ruin the cloth.
Hand washing the Cashmere shawl at home has its own disadvantages that it may not come out that clean as you expected or due to some accidents the shawl gets damaged. So to be on the safe side ,if you are not confident enough go to the best professional dry cleaners who will get it clean and neat for you to wear
Hand washing is safe and easy if you know the knack of it. You can try one or two shawls and if you are confident then you can wash all the other shawls. Try for color fastness by dipping a portion of the cloth in water first and if it looses color wash it separately so that it does not damage the other clothes to be washed.