owl pendant, slide tube, bail and scarf ring large hole beads set

Jewelry findings for DIY scarves with jewelry / necklace scarf accessory

Each set include 1 pendant, 1 slide bail, 4 scarf rings.

Scarf ring hole diameter: 14mm (0.55 inches) to 15mm (0.59 inches)

Slide tube bail hole size: some are 17X14mm(0.67″X0.55″), some are 24X12.5mm (0.94″X0.49″)

Fits most sizes of necklace jewelry scarves.

Owl pendant and slide tube bail material: metal alloy

Scarf Ring Material: CCB copper coated plastic / acrylic, with silver plated on top to achieve a metal silver appearance.

CCB stands for copper coating beads

Light weight, fashionable, affordable