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– The Curious Case of the Mysterious Missile 2

Am I going to panic now? I am not the panicky type, but the way our authorities are not together on something as serious as a missile launch sets the spine tingling alarm on. But I would like to think of it as not a missile but just a jet contrail. But I also hope that authorities will straighten this one out as soon as possible. You know, for the benefit of those who are already unlocking their fallout shelters.

NORTHCOM (The United States Northern Command) and the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) are only saying that they are aware of the launch and still have to dig for answers.

california, missle launch, missle, kcbs

The Curious Case of the Mysterious Missile 1

Whoever was responsible for the launching of the California Missile, please step up.

The California missile which appeared to be launched from water left a contrail west of Los Angeles. It seems that nobody, not even the military knew who launched it, if it was indeed a missile. The US Navy said it wasn’t theirs. The US Air Force said it wasn’t theirs. And the rest of the government said that the missile was not a foreign launch.

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