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Preserving the Galapagos Island 1

On the other hand, while everyone is catering to the endangered at Galapagos Island, no one is doing anything for its most important inhabitant – men. There is no tap water, some areas do not have sewage systems and slowly waste water is contaminating the water reserve and the garbage disposed by both locals and tourist is piling up.

It is okay to take care of our environment, God commanded us to do just that. But in doing so, let us not forget that we are also tasked to take care of our brothers. Let the lessons at Galapagos Island be learned by everyone, especially the conservationists.

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Preserving the Galapagos Island |1

I am thorn when it comes to giving more importance to conserving the environment, protecting the endangered than catering to human beings. I am a bit of a sceptic when it comes to the evolution theory.

Now, where am I going with these? Galapagos Islands. Galapagos Island is home to the most famous tortoise on earth, Lonesome George. Lonesome George is the only remaining of its kind, the Pinta Island tortoise. Along with Lonesome George, there are many endangered and interesting animals and plants living in Galapagos Island; sea lions, mockingbirds, penguins and so much more. The place is a haven for nature trippers and soon enough, became a famous tourist destination.

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