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Jessica Simpson is engaged too! 2

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson started dating May this year. Six months later, Jessica is showing off her ruby engagement ring which is said to be $185,000. Many are being nasty in saying that Jessica bought her ring for herself since Eric is tight these days, being jobless and all. And I guess an engagement ring not diamond ain;t that bad. Princess Diana had a sapphire engagement ring and she was engaged to a prince!

But I guess a cheaper ring is a wise choice if the couple is short on cash. The important thing is that both Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are giving themselves another shot at a possible married life.

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Jessica Simpson is engaged too! 1

It’s a timing everyone is talking about. Jessica Simpson got engaged a few days after her ex-husband Nick Lachey announced his own engagement. I hope it’s me but I guess Jessica Simpson is up to racing Nick to the altar. I hope Jessica is not making a totally uncalled for competition of who is happier now. If I am correct in saying that, I say that is totally childish. Grow up, Jessica. I say, what’s the rush? You started dating the guy for two seconds and you want to marry him? Puhleezz.

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