The train system is recommended during lean hours for general use, peak hours using train travel can be avoided due to reported crime and sexual harassment.

The Transjakarta Busway system is comfortable for public transport but again, avoid the rush hours. The user-friendly system has station announcements and an LED display inside the vehicles. The buses play between 5am to 10pm daily and public can transfer free between lines.

Bajaj scooters fitted with a small cabin behind them move about like a tricycle and are easily negotiated through the traffic jams of Jakarta and the charges are around Rp6, 000. Ojeks are bikes driven by guys who can take you around for short distances for an agreed fare.

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Enchanting Jakarta 1

On the North western cost of Java island situated on the mouth of Ciliwung river on the Jakarta bay stands the sprawling metropolis of Jakarta,also known as Daerah Istemewa Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia the eleventh largest city in the world. With a population of 23 million this port was known as Sunda Kelpa a peper trading centre. After the Dutch occupation it came to be known as Bativa. The entire metropolis comprising of Jakarta city, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi is known as Jabodetabek . Jakarta is divided by the Ciliwung river into east and west section. On the bay of Jakarta is located Pulau Seribu a group of thousand islands providing a tourist destination with white sandy beaches and excellent place for water sports? The jakartans language is indigenous and unique and is known as Betawi.
Appealing Jakarta
Jakarta has numerous historical sites dating back from the Dutch occupation, The old warehouse among them is worth visiting. Within walking distance are located the finest museum and galleries and has a minimum entry fee. Most book shops around Jakarta sell museum guides which are very handy.

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