Know about Hibiscus part 1

In today’s field of cosmetic, researchers still could not get proper answer of controlling the hair fall. But people from botanical field suggest that Hibiscus flower can control hair fall. Hibiscus otherwise called as Shoe flower and scientifically termed as Hibiscus rosa sinesis. It is otherwise termed as rosemalow and Javakusuma in countries like China and India. Now many firms from Cosmetic world use several catchy advertisements suggesting of using their cosmetic product where in claiming that use of hibiscus will reduce the hair fall. People all around the world without knowing or unknowing started using the hibiscus products. In botanical terms it derived from Malvaceae family and conducive to come up well in tropical warm climate. It is also estimated that about two hundred species of hibiscus is present all over the globe. The hibiscus is seen as perennial herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees.